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Research Publications

Siligato, R., Wang, X., Yadav, S. R., Lehesranta, S., Ma, G., Ursache, R., Sevilem, I., Zhang, J., Gorte, M., Prasad, K., Wrzaczek, M., Heidstra, R., Murphy, A., Scheres, B. and Mahonen, A. P. MultiSite Gateway compatible cell type-specific gene inducible system for plants. Plant Physiology: 170: 627-641. (2016)

Furuta-Miyashima, K#., Yadav, S. R#, Lehesranta, S#., Belevich, I., Miyashima, S., Heo, J., Vaten, A., Lindgren, O., De Rybel, B., Van Isterdael, G., Somervuo, P., Lichtenberger, R., Rocha, R., Thitamadee, S., Tahtiharju, S., Auvinen, P., Beeckman, T., Jokitalo, E. and Helariutta, Y. Arabidopsis NAC45/86 direct sieve element morphogenesis culminating in enucleation. Science: 345: 933-937. (2014) #Joint first author.

Dettmer, J.*, Ursache, R.*, Campilho, A.*, Miyashima, S.. Belevich, I., O'Regan, S., Mullendore, D.L., Yadav, S. R., Lanz, C., Papagni, A., Schneeberger, K., Weigel, D., Stierhof, Y., Moritz, T., Knoblauch, M., Jokitalo, E & Helariutta, Y. CHOLINE TRANSPORTER LIKE1 (CHER1) is required for sieve plate development to mediate long distance cell-to-cell communication. Nature Communication: Jul 10;5:4276. doi: 10.1038/ncomms5276 (2014). *, These authors contributed equally.

Khanday, I.#, Yadav, S. R.#, and Vijayraghavan, U. Rice OsLHS1/OsMADS1 controls floret meristem specification by coordinated regulation of transcription factors and hormone signaling pathways. Plant Physiology: 161: 1970-1983. (2013) # Joint first author.

Yadav, S. R., Khanday, I., Majhi, B. B., Veluthambi, K and Vijayraghavan, U. Auxin-responsive OsMGH3, a common target of OsMADS1 and OsMADS6 controls rice floret fertility. Plant and Cell Physiology: 52: 2123-2135. (2011)

Vaten, A., Dettmer, J., Wu, S**., Stierhof, Y**., Miyashima, S**., Yadav, S. R., Roberts, C. J., Campilho, A., Bulone, V., Lichtenberger, R., Lehesranta, S., Mahonen, A. P., Kim, J. Y., Jokitalo, E., Sauer, N., Scheres, B., Nakajima, K., Carlsbecker, A*., Gallagher, K. L*. and Helariutta, Y. Callose Biosynthesis Regulates Symplastic Trafficking During Root Development. Developmental Cell: 21: 1144-1155. (2011) *, ** These authors contributed equally.

Yadav, S. R.#, Prasad, K#. and Vijayraghavan, U. Divergent Regulatory OsMADS2 Functions Control Size, Shape and Differentiation of the Highly Derived Rice Floret Second-Whorl Organ. Genetics: 176: 283-294. (2007) #Joint first author.

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